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One click installation through  Fantastico - cPanel  


Siteframe™ is a lightweight content-management
system designed for the rapid deployment of
community-based websites. With Siteframe,
a group of users can share stories and
photographs, create blogs, send email to one
another, and participate in group activities.
Siteframe enables this by providing web-based
content management so that anyone can create
content without needing to learn HTML.

This site is the central repository of documentation
and information on Siteframe.
For information on older versions of Siteframe
click here. Note that the Siteframe software,
along with the contents of this site, are available
for your use under a Creative Commons license.


  • Simplified registration/invitation interface.
    If an existing user invites a new user to join a
    Siteframe website, registration is streamlined
    because the new user's e-mail address has
    already been validated.
  • Social Networking. Beaumont allows you to
    designate other users as "favorites" and keep
    up with what they're posting.
  • Security enhancements. Siteframe 5.0 includes
    features to prevent automated scripts from
    registering and uploading spam. Like in previous
    versions of Siteframe, only registered members
    can post content and comments.
  • Smarty template engine. Smarty is perhaps
    the most common templating engine in the PHP
    community, so many webmasters and
    developers will already be familiar with it.
    The proprietary (and inefficient) templating
    language from Siteframe 3.x has been totally
    replaced with Smarty.
  • User-centered, community-oriented user
    Each user can create folders, which
    are effectively mini-sites or blogs within the
    context of the larger site. In each folder, the
    most recent items from that folder are
    displayed, and older items are accessible
    through navigation. On the main page, all the
    most recent pages from the entire site are
    available. Also, users can choose a
    custom template set ("theme") for their pages
    and folders, even though the content is shared
    with the rest of the site.
  • Automated image handling. Like all prior versions
    of Siteframe, Beaumont will automatically
    create thumbnails of images. However, instead
    of producing a fixed set of thumbnail sizes,
    Beaumont can dynamically create thumbnails
    in any size required by the webmaster, which
    gives a lot of flexibility to page design.
  • Simplified content model. Instead of a multitude
    of document types as in Siteframe 3, Beaumont
    lets the users focus on two essential objects:
    folders and pages. Once the user has created
    a folder, then a Page is really the only new object
    that is manipulated by the user. Uploaded files
    and images, instead of being treated as a
    separate document type as in Siteframe 3, are
    merely attachments to a page.
  • Tags. Keyword tagging lets users group similar
    items together; any user can tag a page with one
    or more keywords.
  • RSS support. You can syndicate content from
    other sites via RSS; the content is searchable
    and is available through your primary site. In
    addition, Siteframe 5.0 lets you create RSS
    feeds per site, per folder, for tags, and for
    search results, allowing maximum flexibility in
    sharing your content.
  • Ad Hoc Pages allow the site administrator to
    create "meta-content" that is not included in the
    regular user-contributed content. This can be
    used, for example, for help pages or legal
    statements that are commonly found on many
  • Automatic Database Updates. This is a way
    cool feature; if there's a new version of
    Siteframe, you can use the Administrator's
    control panel to automatically upgrade your
    database with any changes in the new version.
  • Other administrator functions. In addition to
    the database, the new Administrator's control
    panel lets the site administrator(s) view
    reports, browse and edit files, and perform
    routine maintenance tasks easily.


Siteframe support forum
(We are not associated with the support forum)

New Installation  (v. 3.2.2)
Disk space required: 2.14 MB



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