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One click installation through  Fantastico - cPanel  

PHP Support Tickets

PHP Support Tickets Application Overview

Triangle Solutions Ltd is pleased to provide PHP
Support Tickets (PHPST) - The powerful, all-in-one
email helpdesk / ticketing software that is
incredibly easy to use and a snap to install.

This application was written following design
pattern principles and Object Oriented design.
Developers delving into the code may be a bit
disorientated at first, because the code doesnít
follow the common php/template pattern. The
design is instead focused on expandability and
ease of maintenance. Most of the visual aspect of
the application is controlled by CSS stylesheets,
while the internal workings are neatly and
coherently organised in logical classes and methods.


The administration section is secured through a
username and password. The default entry is
administrator / password. You may change this
once you have logged in.

You may have unlimited Moderators / Admins
assigned to take care of incoming tickets.
These are all entered through an intuitive user
admin page.

Admins are allowed to view all tickets and perform
all admin tasks, moderators can see the tickets
assigned to their department only.

Manageable departments allow you to edit / delete
/ add new departments at will.

Reply to tickets through the response section and
an email will automatically be sent to the User who
posted the ticket with a full history of the message thread.

Admins can see and view Attachments made by
the User, and also add attachments to the replies.
The type of files allowed are configured within
the config.php file and is unlimited.

Newly posted tickets will be emailed to the Adminís
email address, response by the User will also
continue to be emailed with a full history of the
message thread.

You can allow users to register themselves or
control who is allowed to post into the system.
This application can handle unlimited user.

Many other configurable features are contained
within the config.php file.

User Interface

Users have the basic ability of sending in tickets
to set departments, with set urgency levels.

They can add single attachments to any post.

Users can open, close or answer their own tickets.



PHP Support Tickets support forum
(We are not associated with the support forum)

New Installation  (v. 1.9)
Disk space required: 0.41 M



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