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Site Administration with C-Panel

Within cPanel, you have all the tools you need to create an impressive web presence.
You can add mail accounts, access your files, use website builders, add a blog to your site, and a whole lot more.
With cPanel, you will have access to a huge variety of hosting features that can put your hosting business and your web site on the map.

As a site administrator, you manage your site using any standard web browser.
Access the Site Management screen for your site by typing the URL  http://Your_Domain.com/cpanel/

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Every person who has a mail account has access to webmail, spam filtering, message filter, forwarders, Auto-responders and many more settings.

Getting Started Wizard - Video Tutorials
With over 30 Video Tutorials the new getting started wizard walks you through setting up the aspects of your web hosting account. From email to web disk access, the wizard will get you up and running in no time at all!

One-click Feature Access
The home screen of cPanel clearly lays out the options that are available to users so they can locate and access them quickly. Even better, the menus can be rearranged by simply dragging and dropping them to put the most used features at your fingertips. Menus that are not needed can be minimized to save space but are easily accessed if needed.

A professional, clean look is important to you. cPanel 11 takes this to a whole new level. With an enhanced default interface including 10 different style choices, and an easy to use branding interface for resellers, cPanel 11 is the ultimate in customizable, professional design.

Interface Styles
10 pre-built interface styles allow you to choose a look that works for you. From business oriented to fun at the beach, the new styles are great for site owners of all types.

Web 2.0
cPanel 11 integrates web 2.0 functionality to provide users with a great feel to their interface with features like collapsible menus, enhanced form validation, zooming, and other javascript and AJAX goodies, the new interface provides both fashion and function.

Enhanced Branding for Resellers:
cPanel 11 puts branding into a whole new category, the category of simple to use. With cPanel 11, you can change any image within the interface to a custom image of your choice. You can even edit CSS to modify font colors, font sizes, table borders, and more. The new CSS based layout gives infinite flexibility in the customization of the interface to meet your needs. Our enhanced branding for resellers will even
allow you to add your own logo to the interface with a click of a button.

cPanel 11 now has increased language and character set  support. You can now easily change the language that is displayed in your cPanel interface. There are many language files available at http://lang.cpanel.net with more on the way.

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